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Wigo hair straightener

Wigo hair straighteners are one of the most admired hair styling appliances in the market. With Wigo hair straighteners, you can instantly have smooth, glossy and flawlessly straight looking hair. Wigo offers a variety of models to choose from.

Wigo hair straighteners is a reliable cheap brand which has three popular models, Wigo professional ceramic iron, Wigo wet to dry straightener and Wigo hair straighteners. The Wigo professional ceramic iron can heat up in 50 seconds or less and have a 3 year warranty. These straighteners are specifically designed for professional use.

Wigo wet to dry flat iron is one of the most popular models of Wigo, and costs $55, which is a reasonable price, for this type of hair straightener. This Wigo straightener can create glossy shine on any type of hair. With Wigo wet to dry flat iron, you do not need to wait for your hair to dry, and can use the straightener on wet hair. This straightener features exclusive thermal response technology that provides constant temperature for smooth straightening.

The Wigo hair straightener is the tourmaline version. This tourmaline technology produces a large amount of negative ions helping to make your hair smoother. Moreover, tourmaline keeps hair shinier with less static and frizz.

The Wigo ceramic hair straightener comes with 1 plate that protects the hair from heat damage. This straightener comes in three standard sizes, 1", 1 ¾", and 2 1/4". Apart from the plate sizes, all three of them have similar features. All of them have ceramic plates and a separate heating system for each plate, and these straighteners use 170 watts of power, which is very little compared to other straighteners in the market.

Wigo uses the most modern iron technology to produce their hair straighteners. With Wigo hair straighteners, you can keep your hair straighter for longer period of time. The arms of the straightener are made up of titanium, which makes it both lightweight and soft. The use of titanium in hair straighteners is quite rare, but this material makes them extremely light and less tiring to use.

In addition, the ceramic plates in the Wigo tourmaline flat iron have been infused with tourmaline crystals, to produce plenty of negative ions. Wigo hair straighteners weigh only 0.5lbs. Wigo hair straighteners come with a 3 year warranty, and the prices start at around $50 to $70.

The Wigo 2-in-1 flat iron is yet another popular model. This model allows you to change the ceramic plates for either 1 1/2" or 5/8".

Out of all the Wigo hair straightener models, the tourmaline version is the one that stands out. It’s not only lighter, but also cheaper than other popular brands. This model can be used for all hair types and lengths.

Wigo hair straighteners cost less and are better built. They come in an array of colors and designs. With its light weight, you can carry the straightener anywhere you want. Wigo hair straighteners are truly one of its kinds.