Hair Straightening Cream

Wella Hair Straightening Cream

Wella is ranked amongst the world’s top cosmetic suppliers. It was established by Franz Stroher in 1880 in Germany. Now so many years later it is represented in over 150 countries around the globe. Wella is divided into three business divisions - Professional, Consumer, Cosmetics and Fragrances and they are solely devoted to the cosmetics area.

The hair care products introduced by Wella are many women’s choice around the world. Wella has the distinction of introducing several hair care products ranging from hair color and hair straightening to various other products. It seems as if they are obsessed with beautiful hair!

Their wide ranges of hair straightening creams are a saving grace for millions of women all around the world. They have proved to be very beneficial indeed for hair of all type. Be it super frizz, tight curls or plain wavy hair. Wella has a solution for all.

Hair straightening creams or hair relaxers should be applied according to your hair type.  Next time you go out shopping for a hair straightening cream, you should bear in mind your hair thickness, roughness and the extent of frizz in your hair. According to that choose a hair straightening cream. For a light wave, a mild cream can be used on daily basis to enhance the straightening affect, but for tight curls and super frizz powerful creams should be used. However it should be kept in mind that strong creams also have their negative after affects. Therefore choose a cream from a well reputed brand.

Hair straightening cream with strong chemicals should be used very carefully, and it is generally recommended to seek help from a professional stylist. The procedure roughly includes applying a petroleum based protective cream over the hair. A relaxant is used to smooth out the hair and finally a moisturizing lotion to balance the PH of hair. To further protect the hair conditioning is done. To prevent damage, use the hair straightening cream on the roots, and avoid using relaxants on previously straightened hair.

For example, Wellastrate is a recent product introduced by Wella. It is a very strong cream specially made forcurly and resistant hair. Its new cationic formula retains the PH value of the hair and makes sure that they are not damaged. The Hydro Safe Complex helps to increase the moisture in the hair to prevent them from drying out, thus reducing frizz. It also uses the new synergy based hair straightening method to ensure perfect hair straightening. The strong adhesive affect of the cream creates an intensive straightening affect.

To attain the maximum straightening affect apply the cream on clean hair. Start from the root and use blow-dry along with a large round brush. The round hair brush and blow dry will help to straighten up the hair.

Wella has a huge range of hair straightening creams. To get the best results choose the cream according to your hair type and keep in mind the above pointers, so that your hair remain healthy and beautiful.