Hair Straightening Cream

UNIL Hair Straighteners

UNIL hair straighteners stand among the best hair styling tools, presenting super shiny, healthy looking straight hairs. The hair straighteners meet the expectations of hundreds of hairstylists as well as clients, coming with a unique dream about their hairs.  The UNIL hair straightener or flat iron product range boasts all remarkable features, thus, making them a sought-after product.

UNIL hair straighteners come in three products types of different plate sizes. The range includes 1 inch, 2 inch and 1/2 inch ceramic hair straighteners. These different sizes are best for all hair lengths and texture. The 2 inch UNIL flat iron can be a best device for long, thick and resistant hairs. It is a versatile straightener with straightening, smoothening and curling functions.  Similarly, the1/2 inch hair straighter is the smallest of the all, and can be easily used for short, thin hairs. It is featured to straight the hairs right from the start, near the point of origin of hair.

UNIL ceramic hair straighteners form multi layered heating products based on negative ion and infra red heating system. The ceramic plates generate enough heat to straight them while maintaining the natural texture and bump of hairs. The unique heating technology locks the moisture inside to retain the natural shine. It also protects the natural hair color.

The infrashine technology promises silky hair with long lasting style and looks. The straighteners are efficient enough to give excellent results in amazingly short time. It has five temperature settings starting from 140F to 400F for immediate results. This temperature range falls within the safe limits. It protects the hair from fading and breakage.

The product has an adjustable thermostat which controls the proper temperature suitable for individual hair texture.  You may easily set the temperature according to your hair health and texture. Thin, fine or damaged hairs require less temperature as compare to thick and wavy hairs. They give excellent salon looks within a matter of minutes. In short, it gives best results ever obtained.

The new infrashine Redline professional flat iron by UNIL present many other distinguishing features which really make it irresistible.  The straighteners come with instant heating system and thus reach the desired temperature within 5 seconds.  The pulsating switch light alerts you when the temperature is achieved.

The UNIL hair straighteners come with ideal cord size of 8 ft and a safety plug to ensure a safe and sound experience. The ceramic coated plates and carefully designed insulated body make it a safe device, even with wet hairs.

The UNIL hair straightener pack comes with the hair protecting lotion which protects the outermost layer from the adverse effects of heat. With this lotion, you may even use the straightener daily without any harm. It hydrates and softens the hairs, thus retaining the natural luster. The UNIL hair straightener range comes in different compact sizes. It is really handy to use. You may easily take it anywhere during travelling. You may find the devices in many appealing colors such as black and silver.