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Solia Hair Straighteners

Many women, these days around the world, are investing money to buy quality hair care appliances, to turn their frizzy hair into the silky and smooth style. Solia is a premium brand that is also investing to create just the best hair products, to meet the needs of the women of today. Solia hair straighteners with ceramics are the most popular choice for women, who are interested in styling their hair in the trendiest way within no time. It is a fact that when Solia flat irons were introduced, they became the most popular option among women, who opted for them over other flat irons in market.

Solia hair straighteners are versatile, with new features of the ceramic plates. In contrast to conventional ceramic plates, Solia hair straighteners have ceramic plates that are covered with tourmaline, which helps generate a larger number of negative ions for your hair. The ceramics on the flat plates helps to save the hair from heat damage, whereas the tourmaline coat on the plates that makes a gem like structure, allows the Solia hair straighteners to release heat evenly from the plates, and making your hair look smoother than ever before. This combination of tourmaline and ceramics works wonders on your hair.

Solia hair straighteners are designed with a dynamic alignment system on the ceramic plates, which enables both the tourmaline and ceramic plates, to come in better contact with each hair strand, and minimizes hair damage. This unique feature allows reducing pressure from building up in the hair, hence ensuring even distribution of pressure and moisture which eventually leaves the hair feeling silkier and smoother.

Solia hair straighteners are available in many sizes and shapes to go with different hair styles and types. It is very important to ensure that the model of Solia hair straighteners which you plan to buy should have compatibility, with your hair type. While selecting Solia hair straighteners, remember that the flat irons are based on the width of their ceramic plates, which should complement your hair length and texture. Normally Solia hair straighteners with 1.5” and 1” width plates are preferred.

Solia hair straighteners work best when used on dry hair, and it is always smarter to practice the use of this appliance, as the more time you spend working on your Solia iron, the better you get as time goes by. Solia hair straighteners take less than a minute to heat up, and the temperature can be set to the one that is appropriate for your hair type and texture. The temperature setting of most of the Solia hair straighteners normally varies from 300-370 degree F.

You can even buy your Solia hair straighteners online or from any reputed beauty store. Just make sure, that the one you are buying from is a reliable retailer, as you want to buy nothing but the best. Prior to choosing Solia hair straighteners, it is wise to think about the affordability, adaptability and versatility of the products.