Hair Straightening Cream

Remington Hair Straightener

In order to help you achieve the texture you desire, hair care companies have designed blow driers, curling irons and hair straighteners. Out of the many companies, Remington is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to hair straighteners. This is because of the latest technology they always employ in products. Their products range from low to high prices and the straightening plates also vary. Another advantage is that Remington products are available almost anywhere, making it convenient for customers to buy products no matter where they are.

Remington straighteners are for professional as well as domestic use. The price of the product varies accordingly. One of the very latest products is known as Wet2Straight S7902; the new feature which has been added is that you can straighten towel dry hair. The steam vaporizes through special vent holes, so that the hair does not get damaged.

The plates are coated with special high grade ceramic, which prevents hair from frizzing. The coating is such that it stays for the life time of the product. Due to the special features in Wet2Straight it costs $136.99. Other features include its slim and 110 mm plates, and fast heating for quick and easy use.

The S9950 Shine Therapy Straightener is a unique product, because it not only styles your hair, but it also conditions dry and damaged hair. As it conditions your hair, you will find that your hair becomes sleek, smooth and shiny. Its features include ceramic coating which is a blend of shine enhancing micro conditioners for extra shine; the temperature is displayed on a digital LCD display. To prevent accidental temperature change, there is a special temperature lock installed.  The plates are designed so that the shine is emitted evenly throughout the hair. To avoid accidents, the straightener shuts offs automatically after 60 minutes. It costs $120.87.

S2880ZBA Mini Straightener is for styling your hair on the go. It is compact in size, measuring only 15cm and can easily fit into your handbag. Mini straightener comes with dual voltage power, so it can be used anywhere. Its temperature can reach up to 200ºC, and the plates are ceramic coated to ensure even heating and styling. You can buy it for as low as $17.38. The Remington Mini Straightener is available at a reasonable cost along with a 3 year guarantee. Since Remington Straighteners are available for all categories of customers, women are inclined to buy it.