Hair Straightening Cream

Permanent Hair Straightening

A number of women lust for straight hair and spend a lot of time and money in getting their hair straightened. Some of the popular hair straightening creams last just for a day and have to be reapplied and the entire process repeated daily. For a longer lasting effect there are chemical based hair straightening creams that can last for up to six months. The reason for this effect wearing of is quite simple as the hair grows and the new hair will have its original curly characteristics. In either case women fret about how to get permanent straight hair and envy women who have naturally straight hair. Hair straightened by irons and creams have to be protected from water and moisture. If water gets into the hair the hair will return to its natural state.

There is a solution to this problem and you can get permanent hair straightening. The process of Permanent hair straightening is very similar to chemical hair straightening. In fact a chemical is used in permanent hair straightening. A petroleum cream is applied to the scalp to prevent chemical burns. The chemical hair relaxer is then applied which breaks the keratin bonds that make the hair curly. The keratin bonds are reset after the hair is straightened.

The chemical relaxer is applied throughout the hair and is left for 2 to 4 hours depending on the condition and texture of the hair. Once this process is completed the hair is washed out with warm water and a neutralizer is applied to maintain its PH value. After that a hair straightening iron is used to straighten the hair.

Brazilian keratin and thermal conditioning are the two most popular methods used for hair straightening. The use of chemical to straighten hair tends to strip the moisture from it. Therefore it should be used with care. You can use conditioners to prevent the loss of moisture from your hair. Once you straighten your hair you must not use any further chemicals or hot irons on your hair as they can damage it.

You should not attempt to do permanent hair straightening on your own. You should go to your hair stylist and ask them to permanently straighten your hair. The reason for this is that hair stylists know all about hair straightening and hair types. Therefore they will know which hair relaxer will suit your hair and for how long to apply it. Also since they straighten hair everyday they know their business. There are a number of mistakes that you can make if you straighten your hair on your own. One wrong stroke when you are running the hot iron through your hair can leave a horizontal mark on it. Therefore let the people who know this business do it.

With a permanent hair straightening you don't have to worry about it getting wet. But do remember even permanently straightened hair may become curly after a year. But the permanent hair straightening will be the best solution for women who don’t want to go through the hassle of straightening their hair on a regular basis.