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Kenta Hair Straighteners

Kenta Hair straighteners are unique in many features as compared with other brand of hair styling in the market. Like other brands, you can produce many styles from perfect glamour curls, waves, or flicks to perfect straight hair. The Kenta Hair straighteners would be the right choice for you.

The Kenta Hair Straighteners are well liked by customers who have been bored with their curly hair and had used other straighteners without any fruitful effects. Such customers are very happy with the results of Kenta Hair straighteners.

Kenta Ceramic Flat Iron by Floyd Kenyatta is a GHD IV Styler, which has its own features and benefits that are different from many straighteners available in the market. The new round barrel makes it easy to style beautiful curls, waves, or simple perfect straight hair. This straightener has a built-in safety feature, which turns off the heat automatically after 30 minutes if it is left unattended.

It has a unique universal voltage performance; wherever you travel, you would be able to use the Kenta Hair straightener. The temperature can be controlled according to your hair type. In this way, it is suitable for any type of hair styling. The advanced ceramic heaters are designed to give the hair extra shine and keep them tangle free.

The Kenta small 1” Steel Plate Flat Irons are available in the market in black color. They have another unique feature; they are hand crafted and are made in Italy. They can be used for creating variable hairstyles from roller set curls to lovely silky straight hair. The 1” steel plate and 1/4” round plastic edge helps in styling all hair types.

The on/off switch enables to provide fast consistent heat up to 400 Degrees. As this straightener has narrow edges, so it is ideal for straightening and curling as well. They come with a 90 days warranty period. This costs $125, and the money is worth the quality of this product.

Kenta Flat Iron is one of the favorite hair straighteners available in the market due to its amazing features. The curls created by its usage seem to be made with a roller set, and the straightened hairs are perfect silky straight. All this is possible because of the narrow flat iron, which is suitable for short and medium hair also. The round edges make it easy to curl, flick, and work with any type of hair, whether fine or thick.

Unlike many hair straighteners, Kenta Flat Iron takes up very little time to heat up, so in a very little time, you can have the hairstyle of your choice. The temperature does not change or fluctuate while you are using the Iron; it is consistent and provides even heat throughout the plate. It comes with an on/off switch, a narrow plate of 1-1/4”, a voltage of 110, and 60Hz for the customers in the Us and Canada. The price is $120, but it is worth it. They are not only available in your nearest store, but you can also shop on line.