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Hair straightening reviews

Sleek and smooth hair is not impossible to attain anymore. For all the women who have beautiful curly locks, straight hair is now something you can attain in a matter of minutes. Before the advancement of technology, straighteners were considered very damaging for hair, and blow drying was encouraged. But now thanks to research, the damaging effects of straighteners have been minimized considerably. Today there are straighteners which emit conditioners to protect your hair, some of them condition hair thermally and omit frizz. Hair straightening reviews are conducted by frequent users and hair stylists.

Ozon Titanium Flat Iron has been awarded four and a half stars by users; it reaches a maximum of 230 degrees in a matter of seconds. Plates are 1 inch wide and made of titanium. The floating plate makes it easier for the straightener to move through hair, giving you a professional hairstyle. The price is $89.99 and according to reviews the results are worth the price.

Paul Mitchell Pro tools Ion style Flat Iron is another well ranked hair straightener, it has been awarded four stars. The plates are special, as they are mineral coated and protect hair from damaging effects of heat. Although it has not been ranked well in the price category, costing $255, its quality and performance have received five stars.

Another company producing good quality hair straighteners is GHD; women everywhere are satisfied with this product. One of their highly ranked products is the GHD MK4 Classic Hair straightener. This dual voltage straightener straightens hair with its floating ceramic plates in minutes, and the results are long lasting. This product did not score high in the price category costing $299.95 which is expensive. But the quality and performance are approved by users.

If you are interested in a straightener which is cheaper,  and has great performance then Andis Curved Ceramic Flat Iron is for you. It costs just $27.88 and features include ceramic coated plates with adjustable heating. Its maximum temperature is 190 degrees and gives good quality results.

InfraShine Ceramic 1" Flat Iron is yet another high scorer, and has been awarded four stars by users. It heats up to 204 degrees, but the heating can be adjusted according to the thickness of the hair. The plates are floating and ceramic coated, and InfraShine can be used by home users and professionals alike, and costs $199.99. One drawback is that this product doesn't have dual voltage, so cannot be taken on trips unless you're sure about the voltage system.

Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron scored just three and a half stars, and it is considered to be a good buy. It has adjustable heating which reaches up to 230 degrees, and you can adjust the temperature according your hair type. Solia Tourmaline plates are 1.25 inches and are wider than normal straighteners. As the technology is advancing, straighteners are becoming more reliable day by day, so that people can use them without worrying about hair damage.