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Hair Straightening Products

Hair straightening is in fashion and it's not only women who are getting their hair straightened, men have also jumped on to the bandwagon. Curly and perm hair used to be in high fashion in the 1980s and 1990s but all that is history now. At that time hair curling products were hot sellers and it wasn’t unusual for a woman to curl her hair at night before going to bed. But now cosmetic companies and hair care producers are busy flooding the markets with hair straightening products.

The range of hair straightening products that are available are quite mind boggling. Shampoos, conditioners, gels plus a variety of chemicals and balms are all advertised as the best product for straightening hair. What most hair straightening products buyers tend to overlook is the fact that there are different types of hair, and what may suit one person may not suit another. Therefore it's advisable to always check with your hair stylist which hair straightening product to buy.

After all who can give you better advice on this than somebody who is in the business of hair styling. Hair care product makers have teamed up with electrical goods manufacturer and introduced hair straightening irons. What started out as a simple heated clamps through which a strand was drawn to straighten it, has also been upgraded. Now you get hair straightening irons with temperature control and ceramic plates.

Hair straightening products can be divided basically into three categories; temporary hair straightening, semi-permanent and permanent hair straightening products. The hair straightening product that you use will depend on the texture of your hair. If you have very tight curly hair a daily use hair straightening product may not work.

If you want to straighten your hair on a daily basis or get a semi-permanent hair straightening done, one instrument that you will definitely need is hair straightening irons. The daily hair straightening products do not have any chemicals in them, whereas the semi-permanent and permanent hair straightening products have some chemicals in them. Before using any chemical based hair straightening product do consult your hair stylist.

What hair straightening products do is that they break the hair keratin which forms the curls and then reset it when the hair is straightened. Another factor that you have to have to watch out for when you get your hair straightened is that it does not get wet. The hair straightening product will get washed out if you get caught in the rain. The Brazilian hair straightening technique is in vogue nowadays.

There are so many hair straightening products filling the shelves of stores that you might have a hard time finding the product that suits your hair. Therefore before you pick a hair straightening product do spend some time reading about it. Also if you have delicate skin, then you must avoid using chemical based hair straightening products. What you must remember is that hair grows and you cannot change the natural genetics of hair. Therefore hair straightening becomes an often repeated process.