Hair Straightening Cream

Hair Straightener Types

Hair straighteners also known as flat irons, are electrical devices used for straightening hair with heat and have become very common these days. Previously, hair driers were used to achieve straight hair. But blow drying is a complex process, and not everyone can master the technique. This is why hair straighteners have become so common, because anyone can use them. Straight hair has become a trend, and everyone wants to follow it.

Through flat irons you can achieve sleek, smooth hair in a matter of minutes depending upon your hair type. To help you achieve the desired smoothness, many hair care companies have started producing exquisite hair straighteners.

Today hair straighteners are being made with a lot of thought, and care, ensuring the best results with as little damage as possible. Not only women, but men are now using hair straighteners as well, which has made them an everyday use product. Earlier the ironing plates were made of steel, today they are made with ceramic or mineral coating.

Some of the straighteners also emit conditioners, which coat and protect you hair, making them healthier. Ceramic is soft on the hair and reduces frizz without weighing down hair. Some companies have introduced conditioner emitting plates, reducing the damaging effects of heat.

There are straightening solutions as well, but they do not work as well as straighteners, because they do not work on all hair types. Plus they require a lot of time and care. However, straighteners give you temporary straight hair, and that goes back to the original texture after a shower. The reason why customers prefer hair straighteners over other products is that you can get straight hair in a matter of minutes, and there is no need to master any technique. Another advantage is that they are easily available in the market with prices which suit everyone. Some straighteners are for professional use, and hence cost more, as compared to those straighteners which are designed for domestic use.

Most of the flat irons are dual voltage, and can be used anywhere which is quite a convenience since you can take them with you on trips as well. There are mini straighteners which can easily fit into a handbag. They come in all kinds of colors and are excellent as gifts. However, saying that hair straighteners do not damage hair at all is a false statement.

Temperatures up to 200 degrees are bound to damage hair, but it does not mean precautions cannot prevent damage. If your hair is well conditioned, and you are using a good quality hair straightener, then there will be no damage to your hair. Always remember to straighten clean hair. Straightened hair gives a neat look, and they are also easy to manage in the work place.

Thus women prefer straightening hair for work; but frequent straightening can be very damaging if you do not take appropriate steps.  If you take care of your hair, then using straighteners should have no adverse affect.