Hair Straightening Cream

Hair Straightener cream

It’s a fact well known to us that the hair straightening products are slowly making a headway into the hair and beauty products these days. The primary reason for this is that now days every one wants to look great all the times.  And this beauty syndrome is not just restricted to just women, even men now days want to look better and more attractive. The antiquated ideas of masculine roughness are making way for the new concepts of effeminate looks.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to achieve long and straightened out hairs: firstly, they can be straightened out with the help of some curl irons and secondly another and a much easier method of straightening hair is by using the hair straightener Cream. Because of the fact that the method is much more user friendly, that is why it is most commonly used now days.

Due to the harsh economic conditions most of the people would prefer not to go to an expensive beautician to get their hair straightened out. And that is why it has become all the more germane to know the approved method of applying hair straightener on to your hairs.

Firstly, you have to make sure that your hair is clean and devoid of any foreign bodies or externalities. Because these will constrict the effects of the hair straightener cream quite significantly. This can be done by thoroughly rinsing the hair. Afterwards do not forget to straighten out the damp hair with a simple comb or a brush so that all the tangles and the knots could be easily removed. Then apply some of the straightening cream on your hair with the help of your hands.

However you must read the directions to know how much amount should be enough for straightening. For an even distribution of the cream on to the hairs spread the cream on your palms by rubbing it on to your palms and then gently apply it. However please keep this fact in mind that the cream should not reach the roots so as to avoid the greasy look. After you are finished with applying the cream on to the hair, the next step would be to section them with the help of some hair pins. This requires little or no expertise and you can section your hair as per your desires. When this is over then start blow drying the hair with the help of a hair brush and at the end you will get the straightened up hair.

But here it should be mentioned that despite of being so much popular with the ladies and the youth, hair straightener creams can destroy your hair if you persistently use it. Using the hair straightener cream once in an eight month period leaves little or no harmful effects on the hair but anything more than that will literally burn your hair. This is because of the fact that the hair straightener cream, particularly the permanent hair straightening cream, is replete with the chemicals and we all know that keratin is highly repulsive towards the chemicals.

However, the temporary hair straightening creams are somewhat mild in their chemical composition and that is why most of the people, especially those with proven history of hair and skin sensitivity, are strongly advised to use the temporary hair straightening cream rather than the permanent one.