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ERGO hair straighteners

Styling your hair at home is not an issue anymore, because of the numerous quality hair straighteners available in the market. When choosing a hair straightener decide on what suits you best, compare features and prices among different brands. To begin with, know what your hair type is. Girls with thick frizzy or tight curly hair prefer the straightener with a wider ceramic plate, similarly girls with slightly wavy or even straight hair, go for a slimmer straightener. ERGO is another popular brand that offers the ease to choose the hair tool that attracts them.

ERGO has a large collection of hair straighteners, differing in features and outlook. ERGO "Prosleeker Ceramic mini half round hair straightener ½" is more than just an ordinary iron. You can literally create different styles of your own, and stylize your hair with curls or flicks or even a smooth bob. This mini iron allows you to straighten out any curls close to the scalp, or even create waves or curls in straight hair for casual functions. This iron has a ceramic plate size of a ½ inch, which creates negative ions and keeps the hair locked together for hours, giving a much shinier and silkier look to your hair.

ERGO "Prosleeker Ceramic Mini 1 inch hair straightener" is a hair tool for girls with thick hair. This 1 inch mini iron is capable of creating styles, like those found in renowned salons. Prosleeker Ceramic Mini 1 is available in the price range of $120-$159. The 1 inch ceramic plates can straighten larger amounts of hair, in a less time, generating heat of up to 375 degrees F. The negative charges produced by the iron, helps keep the hair together, resulting in a sleeker and shinier look. Prosleeker Ceramic Mini is designed to preserve hair color, and straighten out any frizzy and curly hair.

Another tool introduced by ERGO is the "Prosleeker 1 tourmaline LCD hair straightener". The feature, that makes this hair straightener standout, is the use of LCD temperature reader. Now you can control the heat generated by the iron, to the required degree. The Prosleeker tourmaline consists of titanium and tourmaline plates, which creates more negative ions, producing straighter, silkier hair in a shorter amount of time than usual irons. This particular iron incorporates color safe technology that prevents hair color from fading. A 12ft slim power cord provides greater mobility. Prosleeker 1 tourmaline is a light weight iron, which is ideal for thick hair. This handy tool comes in exquisite colors, and has a price range of $200 to $230 in the market.

Hair straighteners are available in a great variety these days. Several brands like Ergo, Hair art, Remington, Bion etc specialize in such hair related tools. However the final decision is always in your hands. A quick tip about what factors should affect your choice of hair straightener is the hair type/volume, features required, durability, the reasonableness of price, and most importantly quality of the product.