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Corioliss Hair Straightener

The Corioliss Accessories Technology is one of the world-renowned companies, which make Straightening irons, curlers, driers, clippers, and other hairdo accessories. It is one the leading companies whose products are used at professional level, and also at domestic levels. The Corioliss products prices range from low to higher, yet within the reach of their clients. All the varieties and other products of Corioliss can be ordered on line and the shipping is free of cost.

The Classic Corioliss Straighteners are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. These include the Classic Soft Touch Black, Classic Soft Touch Pink, Classic Platinum Zebra, Classic Red Leopard, and Classic Pink Eagle. These are some of the varieties.

All these straighteners are self-explanatory, the name explains their design. Their prices are the same that is $150. You can curl, flick, or straighten any type of hair to give you a glamorous hairstyle while giving your hair a healthy, shiny, and conditioned look.

These straighteners are blended with the latest technology giving temperature-controlled plates having temperatures between 180 to 410 degrees for all hair types. The floating plates provide perfect alignment. The infrared heat-seals the moisture and keeps the hair soft and silky smooth, while locking in the necessary amount of moisture.

The ProV Straighteners are a range of Corioliss Irons, which are also available in five colors and designs. ProV Purple Zebra, ProV White Zebra, ProV Hot Pink, ProV Black, and ProV Red Leopard. All these designs offer different colors and styles. The price for all these varieties is $175, but the technology used in their making offers the customer maximum satisfaction.

These are ideal for professional use, as these can be used for straightening and curling broad sections of hair. The plates are made of tourmaline ceramic, which produce negative ions to keep the hair smooth and safe from excessive heating. The Pro-variable temperature ranging from lowest of 180 to the maximum of 410 is ideal for all sorts of hair from silky to coarse thick hair. The far infrared heat, heats the hair from within, and saves the surface and hair cuticle from damaging.

Wet to dry Hair straighteners are the product of Corioliss Company, which have multiple uses. You can use them to dry your hair, detangle them and even style, and straighten all in one pass. These are available in the market for $200. They have a unique system of vents, which evaporate only enough moisture from the hair to give them a soft, shiny, and healthy look.

The broad tourmaline ceramic plates leave the hair frizz free yet shining. The negative ion and far infra red heat technology, which is used in Wet to dry hair straighteners protect the hair and keep them from becoming completely dry and damaged. The best thing about the wet to dry straighteners is that you do not have to wait for your hair to dry and then use the straightener. Wash your hair, dry, and style at the same time. This way you get to save time also.