Hair Straightening Cream

Bion Hair Straighteners

A hair straightener is an accessory; many people prefer to pack along with their essential items when going on an excursion. Girls with all types of hair prefer spending money on a straightener that’s durable, economical and provides efficient quality straightening. Bion is one such product that incorporates all vital features required in a straightener, such as one-of-a-kind scratch resistant ceramic plates, a long cord and a flat screen temperature display. Consisting of its own standout characteristics, Bion is a girl’s best friend when it comes to hair styling, and smooth straightening.

Bion also known as Japanese Ceramic Hair straightener, is one of the earliest brands to join the market, and has been innovating since then. Bion is available in various exquisite colors. Red and blue are quite popular colors to choose from for a hair straightener; however black also tops the list. Bion works with all hair types, and is quite useful for people with frizzy, curly or wavy hair. The ceramic plates release negative ions that reduce the static electricity and result in shiny, smooth straight hair. Girls with thick frizzy hair can get their hair straightened, in around 8 minutes using Bion Hair Straightener. Bion has the ability to keep your hair straightened for long hours, and even through out the day in damp, humid conditions.

You can even choose from a 1 inch to 1.5 inch plate size, depending on your hair. The ceramic plate releases negative ions making the hair more manageable, and helps the hair straighten in a short amount of time resulting in silkier, smoother, straighter, and shinier hair. The straightener has a long swivel cord, which reduces chances of getting tangled and cable breakage, due to accidents. Bion has been professionally designed to reduce burns while ironing, and cuts the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. This is when fingers of the hand feel numb or muscle is damaged due to the pressure exerted on the median nerve, which enters the hand through the area of your wrist known as “carpal tunnel”. Bion is designed to comfort the palm, and ease the process of hair straightening.

The inclusion of a temperature control screen is a definite feature of attraction for consumers. This feature allows you to control the temperature, using the buttons provided, and reading it on the flat screen embedded in the straightener. Bion also makes use of the finest Japanese heater available in the market that retains the heat at the temperature set, and does so in the shortest amount of time. The iron also comes with a built in shield to protect you from harmful electromagnetic waves released while straightening the hair.

Bion Hair Straighteners cost around $120-$190 in the market and can have free shipment and delivery offered with the deal. Bion Hair Straighteners maybe a good investment in terms of hair related accessory, however there are other brands to choose from, suiting the need of the person, willing to buy a good quality hair straightener.