Hair Straightening Cream

Andis Hair Straighteners

They are one of the well-known brand companies with a variety of their Hair styling products in the market. These are being used by professionals and commoners on the same level. They are reliable, low priced, and easy to use, and you can get long lasting results in just 10 to 30 minutes.

Andis 1” Tourmaline Hair straighteners are fitted with pure ceramics plates and they are designed to provide 8 different heat settings so that you can set the straightener on the precise heat level that you require for your hair type. The digital controls help you maintain the heat at the required temperature.

These come with Tourmaline flat plates, which produce the negative ion effects more efficiently than other hair straighteners can. These keep the moisture trapped in longer, leaving the hair shiny and smooth. The far infra red heat does not allow over heating and keep the hair safe from the damaging effect of heat. The swivel cord helps you to keep the hair tangle free. Within 30 minutes, you can get long lasting straight hair. You get all of this and a full year’s warranty for only $69.00.

The 1” Andis Elevate straightener is fitted with the latest technology using Tourmaline Ionic Nano Ceramic flat iron, which makes it possible to get curls and straight hair in no time.

The Tourmaline plates emit negative ions, which leave the hair giving a healthier look and make them frizz free. As they retain the inner moisture, so the hairs also appear smoother and shinier. The Nano Ceramic technology helps to avoid friction with far-infrared heat, which keeps the hair straight for longer hours. One good thing about the 1” Andis Elevate is that it is perfect for styling short to medium hair.

It generates 20 different heat settings, which would be ideal for any hair texture. You can heat the straightener up to 400 degrees in just 60 seconds. Other features include the finger grips on the tip, temperature light, on/off light indicator. Not forgetting the one year limited warranty by the manufacturer. This straightener will cost you $49.00.

The Andis Hair straighteners introduce another of their product, the 1” Andis Gold Ceramic Hair Iron #67135. It is being used by the professional hair stylists and also by domestic users. As, this hair straightener can yield high temperatures ranging from 200 degrees up to 395 degrees within 60 seconds, so it best suits the professionals. Another feature about the 1” Andis Gold Ceramic Hair Iron is that its edges are rounded, and so they are ideal for any type of hairstyles.

The clamps are very firm and tight and hold the hair in place and you get straight hair in less time. It also comes with the tangle free swivel power cord, which leaves the hair frizz free, and is ideal for any type of hair whether fine or thick. The on/off switch is also included. It comes with one year limited warranty from the manufacturer. It is available for a low price of $ 45.00 in stores and also if you shop online.